Dance group involvements include:
Main Stacks Dance Team - UC Berkeley (2018, Summer Stacks 2019)
- 1st place - Complex Dance Competition 2019
Harvard Breakers - Harvard University (2015-2018, Freestyle Chair 2015-2016)
Asian American Dance Troupe (AADT) - Harvard University (2015-2018, Choreographer 2016-2018)
Asian Dance Team (ADT) - MIT (2017-2018)
Harvard Breakers
Senior Show (2019)
Original Choreography by Michael Lim
Freestyle session by Harvard Breakers seniors 2018
Harvard Breakers - Freedom
Breaks Per Minute (2018)
Original Choreography by Michael Lim and Brian Mangilog
Freestyle by Harvard Breakers
Eastbound (2017)
Adapted/Borrowed Choreography
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